Adepto Co is a boutique project management firm delivering exclusive apartment and townhouse projects from start to finish. A passion for quality and sophistication is evident throughout the process, and David’s experience provides security and clarity to every project. Possessing an engineering degree from Monash University, David is able to bring a wealth of academic knowledge in tandem with his many years of professional on the ground experience.

Adepto Co envisages a unique style, one that associates itself with contemporary and sophisticated styles, while also emphasising commitment and determination to the task at hand. Adepto Co is at the forefront of creating new developments with a unique twist, we are about “developing an identity” in the market place and insuring that each development becomes an icon in its respective neighbourhood.

Adepto Co manages the entire property project life cycle, embracing the latest building technologies, ensuring well-built and stylish designs.


About David

Sole Director of Adepto Co, David Tricarico exudes professionalism and determination. This can be traced back in part to his wide breadth of academic and professional experiences and qualifications. David possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Infrastructure Engineering and Management from Monash University. He has been hands-on in the construction, and development industries, while also working in project management since 2006. Examples of his breadth of knowledge can be seen in his historical projects, which range from high-rise CBD projects to outer suburban developments.

With David’s knowledge and experience, he enables Adepto Co to produce high quality developments. David’s drive for consistently generating opportunities in the property marketplace is vital to Adepto Co’s growth.

Services we offer

Adepto Co, led by the founder David Tricario, efficiently and expertly manages all aspects of the design, construction and delivery of projects around Melbourne. This ensures budgets, objectives, and the programme itself is up to the clients satisfactions.

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